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Protecting Your Smile on the Playing Field

If you’re an athlete, you know the importance of protective gear. You wouldn’t dream of playing a soccer game without shin guards. You wouldn’t consider entering a boxing ring without your gloves. We’re concerned about your well-being, too, which is why we champion the underdog of protective gear – the dark horse of sports armor – the athletic mouthguard. Our dentist, Dr. Lancaster knows how essential the mouthguard is to preserving your natural teeth and preventing potentially serious injuries.

40% of all sports-related injuries involve the face.

We’ve all seen photos of the quintessential toothless hockey player after a game. Without a mouthguard, tooth loss can happen during any sport, including non-contact sports like gymnastics, cycling, and weightlifting. A custom-made mouthguard reduces the risk of tooth loss, and recent studies show that a mouthguard may also reduce the risk of concussion by cushioning the blow.

At our office, we custom-design mouthguards that fit comfortably and allow for easy speech and breathing. Equipped with a dentist-made mouthguard, you can play with confidence knowing your smile won’t suffer the fate of the ill-prepared hockey player.

If you play any of the following sports, consider getting a custom-made mouthguard:

• Baseball• Gymnastics• Shot Put• Surfing• Basketball• Handball• Skateboarding• Tennis• Boxing• Ice Hockey• Skiing• Volleyball• Cycling• Inline Skating• Skydiving• Water Polo• Cheerleading• Lacrosse• Snowboarding• Weightlifting• Field Events• Martial Arts• Soccer• Wrestling• Field Hockey• Racquetball• Softball  • Football• Rugby• Squash


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